Discovering New Places

iIn the summer of 2000, I took my family on a trip to New Orleans to visit my sister. One day we found ourselves locked out of my sister’s house with our two kids. Looking for something to do, and wanting to experience my new GPS, I heard of an activity called Geocaching.


Original Geocache

“What is Geocaching”, you say? It started when Matt Stum first coined the word by joining two familiar words. The prefix “geo”, for Earth, was used to describe the global nature of the activity in addition to its use in familiar topics in GPS such as geography. The word “caching”, refers to a hiding place someone would use to temporarily store items for later retrieval.

This activity sounded fun, and taking the time to download the applications and locations we headed out to see New Orleans and find some treasure. Unfortunately, we never found any treasure that day, but we did locate many interesting sights along the way. That was it, the family was hooked. We decided to learn more about the sport and try our luck again soon.

Geocaching Far Far Away

Back at home in Easton, Pennsylvania, we researched this more and attempted another treasure hunt with the family. Success! We located our first treasure behind a Kohl’s store near home. Well, that really got my dear wife to become obsessed with the game and growing the number of successful finds called “smileys”. Since then, we found over 1,000 Geocaches and help new people pickup on the activity. We even attended several big Geocaching conventions in Texas, Florida and Seattle, Washington. While attending one of these conventions, we ran into these two geocachers.


Original Geocache

Some of our most interesting finds include a ladies gemstone ring, rain jacket, Christmas ornament, season 1 DVD of “The Fresh Prince of Bellaire”, and the first geocache ever placed – a can of beans. One of our favorite geocaches was a hike up the Iron Horse trail in Washington to discover the “Great Ape Cache” containing memorabilia from the “Planet of the Apes” movies.

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